Our Services and Skills
Our skills and services can be generally named as all heavy and metal construction operations such as bridges, roads, dams, factories, utilities, etc. more detailed services are as follows:
1-      ammunitions hut
2-      ammunition factories
3-      heavy metal and concrete buildings
4-      underground constructions
5-      mechanized posts
6-      telecommunication posts
7-      building facilities
8-      large-scale house constructions
9-      towers
10-   large industrial factories
11-   cement factories
12-   preheating towers and silos as high as 120 meters in slipping method
13-   heavy metal skeletons
14-   space frames
15-   all kinds of silos
16-   installation of industrial utilities
17-   dams
18-   water tanks
19-   water tanks tabs
20-   water tank utilities
21-   all kinds of artificial profiled lakes with 4 million cubic meter capacity
22-   airport
23-   plane den
24-   airport bands
25-   roads (rock cutting)
26-   boulevards
27-   enclosures
28-   interchanges
29-   grade separations
30-   underpasses
31-   metal bridges with large openings
32-   chaste bridges with large openings
33-   cable hanging bridges
34-   stable bridges
35-   prefabricated bridges with prefabricated poles
36-   all woven operations
37-   prop excavation
38-   propping operations
39-   tunnels construction and excavation
40-   tunnels construction in TD method
41-   subway and stations
The IFC skyscraper twin towers of Isfahan City Center mixed use complex
Employer: Iran Prestigland Company
Consulting Engineer: EPCF
Contract period :
Beginning date:
Report date:
Progress percent: %

Central Office building of Esfahan Tejarat Bank
Employer: Tejarat Bank
Consulting Engineer: Farayand-Memary
Contract period :
Beginning date:
Report date:
Progress percent: %

Esfahan Convention Hall
Employer: Esfahan Municipality
Consulting Engineer: EPC (ATKINS)
Contract period :
Beginning date:
Report date:
Progress percent: %