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Imam Khomeini St. Flyover Concrete Bridge (5500m Length)
Esfahan Municipality


Contract name: Esfahan Imam Khomeini St. Flyover Concrete Bridge (5500m Length)

Brief Description of the Works performed by Daghigh Co: The project goal is solving the traffic issues of Esfahan Imam Khomeini St. as the north ramp to Esfahan city constructing the first two story highway – the bridge length in 3 phases is 5500m, concrete type, possibility for passing the tramway is predicted under the present location

The bridge construction with 22 to 35m width & heavy traffic in Imam Khomeini Street is two coincident events.Its structure includes foundation construction on deep piles as 35m, construction of double columns and outright linear beams and precast traverse beams and installation of  heavy precast beams.

(Surface 104000m2)

Volumes & quantities are as follows:

1. Pile Excavation            40000m                                                               

2. Excavation                     50000m3                                              

3. Filling                              40000m3                                                              

4. Formworks                    120000m2                                                           

5. Precast Casting            100000m2                                                           

6. Steel Bars                       21000ton                                                            

7. Concrete                         134000m3                                                           

8. PC Strands                     350ton                                                 

9. Asphalt                           26000ton                                                            

10. Precast Beams as 25ton, 22m              1600units                           

11. Neoprene                     30000Decimeters3                                           

Name of Employer: Esfahan Municipality.

Name of Employer: Esfahan Municipality.

Name of Consulting Engineers: HEXA

Starting: Apr. 2007

Ending: Mar. 2010